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Karen Simons graduated from the Gemological Institute of America in 1976 as a Graduate Gemologist and began a company in Bellevue Washington called The Gemologist. She moved north to Canada to start Elizabeth Jewelers, now known as Gem Gallerie Jewellers. Due to the increased demand for certified diamonds, she began Exceptional Resources in order to bring certified diamonds straight to your door.

Karen has traveled all around the globe on gem buying trips searching for many precious and semi-precious gems from such places as Sri-Lanka, Europe, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Africa, South America and throughout the United States and Canada.

"When I asked where to get the best education for the jewelry business, the unanimous answer was GIA. After I finished my training, I was hired immediately as an appraiser. When I opened my own business, I traveled abroad to buy goods, and again my knowledge helped immensly."
- Karen L. Simons G.G. Gem Gallerie LTD. Alberta Canada

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