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Amethyst is the recognized birthstone for February and the accepted anniversary gemstone for the sixth year of marriage.

The amethyst is a relative of quartz and can be found in varying purple tones. In ancient Greece, it was believed to protect one from the effects of wine! Amethyst comes in pale lilac to rich, deep purple shades.

Ideally, it is a deep medium purple with rose-colored flashes that give amethyst its beauty and fire.


Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May. It is also the anniversary gemstone for the 20th and 35th years of marriage.

Emerald is among the most highly prized gems. The most prized is pure grass green. Emeralds belong to the Beryl group of minerals.

Color is light green to dark green.Inclusions and flaws are present in most of the material. Flaws are always present In sizes above five carats. A flawless, clear emerald is very rare and is usually found in only small sizes.


A Garnet is the accepted birthstone for the month of January. It is also the accepted anniversary gemstone for the second year of marriage.

Garnets are found in every color except blue, including brilliant green tsavorite garnet, raspberry pink rhodolite garnet, and orange malaya garnet.

Garnets offer enough variety in appearance to fashion every taste, as well as an outstanding price range to please every pocketbook. Legend holds that Noah hung a large garnet in the ark for illumination.


Peridot is the accepted birthstone for August, and is the accepted anniversary gemstone for the 16th year of marriage.

The electric green of the Peridot makes for radiant and exciting jewelry. It is no

Transparent with few inclusions, it is cut in almost all shapes. Peridot should be a lively lime green.


Ruby is the accepted birthstone for July, and is the accepted anniversary gemstone for the 15th and 40th year.

Derived from the mineral corundum, rubies can be more valuable than diamonds when flawless!

Associated with royalty and the power of life, rubies have been highly revered for thousands of years Ruby is known as the 'Lord of the Gems' because of its rarity and beauty.


Sapphire is the September birthstone as well as the accepted anniversary gem for the 5th and 45th years of marriage.

Sapphires come in all colors except red (the red variety being known as ruby), but are especially popular in deep blue.

Fancy colored sapphires-- including pink, green, orange, and golden yellow-- are magnificent when combined in a necklace or bracelet.


Tanzanite is relatively new to the colored stone galaxy. This transparent blue gem first turned up in 1962, scattered on the Earth's surface in northern Tanzania, in eastern Africa. Scientists identified it as a variety of the mineral zoisite. About five years later, a prospector discovered a large deposit of it in the same area, and serious mining began.

In the viewing a tanzanite stone, the colors dark blue, green-yellow and red-purple can be seen.

Tanzanites are heat-treated to produce colors that include light to dark violetish blue and bluish purple, as well as pure blue. Rich, deep hues are valued most, but you'll usually see these only in stones weighing 5 cts. or more. This is mainly because of decisions made during the cutting process.

Predominately blue tanzanite is generally worth more per carat, but because of the way tanzanite crystals grow, a cutter can usually get a bigger stone by orienting the gem to show the purple color. With small rough, size is normally the main consideration. While the trade considers the pure blue stones to be the "top" grade, some customers actually prefer the lighter and more purplish colors.

Tanzanite is special-care gem for two reasons: sensitivity to sudden changes in temperature and the potential for cracking. Because of this susceptibility, tanzanite shouldn't be handled carelessly. Active people should consider jewelry that won't be exposed to as many bumps pendants and earrings are good choices.

Care and Cleaning

Tanzanite should be cleaned using warm, soapy water. Ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaners should never be used.


The Topaz is one of the November birthstones, and the blue topaz is the accepted anniversary gemstone for the 4th year of marriage.

Topaz, originating from the Sanskrit 'tapas,' means to glow, and jewelry adorned with topaz does just that.

Most people think of topaz as a transparent golden yellow gemstone. However, this gemstone occurs colorless as well as orange-yellow, red, honey-brown (dark sherry), light green, blue and pink.

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